Lighting bar by Stafford Engineering Australia + Tilt industrial design

The Challenge – Design and supply a custom lighting bar for a gallery performance space

The Project – Stafford Engineering manufactured a aluminium lighting bar, designed by Tilt industrial design in Sydney. A highly toleranced manufacturing process was necessary to ensure the multiple components could be successfully assembled in an exacting form, whilst delivering on strict engineering requirements

The Outcome – The lighting bar design was to deliver on both functionality and to compliment the surrounding aesthetic. Together with Stafford Engineering, the concept became a reality.



Having worked with Stafford Engineering on previous projects, we knew of their machinery capability to produce very large machined components, and their willingness to take on a large and complex job, accompanied with the knowledge and experience to successfully deliver.

Tilt engaged the Stafford team during concept design to review the feasibility of manufacturing. We then worked closely throughout the project to refine the design and balance the competing needs of the project. The team’s attention to detail is reflected in the final result which has delivered to all expectations.

Alan Wright

Project Manager, TILT Industrial Design

Stafford Engineering Australia cooling tower for Esko Australia
David Gearing, Director Esko Australia – “We engaged Stafford Engineering to assist with our project, as they were known as a reliable & trusted team”
Lighting bar by Stafford Engineering Australia + Tilt industrial design
Alan Wright, Project Manager, TILT – “We knew Stafford Engineering Australia was up to the task to produce and successfully deliver”
Quality Rimtec clutches supplied by Stafford Engineering Australia and GMD Innovation
Ray Mallett, Managing Director, GMD – “We have no hesitation in referring Stafford and Leo Aspite for your next project”
Powder process equipment for Caloris USA supplied by Stafford Engineering Australia
Jim Kent, Business Development Manager, Caloris – “We look forward to our continued growth journey being aligned with the continued relationship with Leo and the team from Stafford Engineering Australia”
Jalco capping project by Alsinger Integration & Stafford Engineering Australia
Torben Kjaer, Managing Director, Alsinger Integration – “The partnership with Stafford Engineering Australia for this project was fruitful, satisfactory, and conducted professionally at every step”
Stafford Engineering Australia